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by Cathy on September 17, 2013

www.njmcdirect.com is a website where people can access information pertaining to traffic and parking tickets of the New Jersey Municipal Courts jurisdiction. It is also a site where people can, conveniently, make online payments for parking or traffic tickets.


Accessing www.njmcdirect.com

You can access www.njmcdirect.com (just like any other site) by entering its URL/website address into your browser’s address bar: assuming that you are capable of remembering it off-head.

If at some point in the past, you have had the opportunity to visit this particular site, chances are that your browser will have ‘memorized’ the address to it (so long as you did not ‘clear history’). So you just have to start typing out the address, and the browser will complete it for you. That is, of course, assuming that the browser you are using has such functionality. Alternatively, if during your last visit you took the trouble to bookmark the site’s address/URL, you can make use of that bookmark to access the site.

There is still the option of using a search engine to access this particular site. If, for instance, you carry out a search for ‘NJMC direct’ or some other related term, chances are that your search engine would give you links to this particular website.

The structure of www.njmcdirect.com

The structure of www.njmcdirect.com is fairly simple. On the homepage, for instance, there is a header, with a logo and text to inform you that this is indeed a New Jersey Municipal courts website. At the very top, on the right hand side, and almost invisible, is a set of navigation links to the other pages on the site. Those include the page where you can carry out ticket searches, the page where you can get help, the page where you can post feedback and the homepage itself. There is also a link to the main New Jersey Judiciary website.

The main body section is divided into two sections. The section on the left hand side (which is essentially a sidebar) has information on the hours when online payments can be made on the site. The other wider section has summarized information on the workings of NJMC Direct, including what exactly you can do on the site, what you require to transact on the site… and so on.

Things you can do at www.njmcdirect.com

There are two major things you can do at www.njmcdirect.com website, namely:

  • Carrying out searches for traffic and parking tickets
  • Making the payments (that is, the penalty payments) pertaining to traffic and parking tickets

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